VPN is Virtual Private Network

It enables a computer or network-enabled device to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network; Courtesy : Wikipedia

SwitchVPN.net is a platform to browse the internet. It offers high security to surfing and also allows its users to browse in incognito mode.

The company’s root is from India. It employs Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol, which is considered to be highly safe in today’s world. We tested their performance by various sources and the results turned out to be good. Their speed test results were extraordinary. The surfer is an all – rounder. The company allows bit torrent and keeps a twenty – four hour history. Switchvpn is highly steadfast and has connections in twenty one countries.

LOGIN page

The login page of switchVPN is a standard page. It consists of the usual options like USER NAME, PASSWORD and SIGN UP. In addition, there are options for disconnecting, debugging, and updating. The page also shows the protocol being used and the server that is under run.

Created by Subhashini Rajendran

Created by Subhashini Rajendran

When the advanced option in the login page is clicked, the user can see the following options

  • Language
  • Maximum Unit Transmission size
  • Port and address of Socks proxy and http proxy

There is also an option to start the surfer automatically at the system’s boot.

Created by Subhashini Rajendran

Created by Subhashini Rajendran


They have various plans and offers. The LITE plan costs $5.95 and lets you to connect 5 countries namely United States, Britain, Netherland, with the Germans and the Canadians. The COMBO – PRO plan is $9.95 and allows two connections to all the twenty servers connected. The BUSINESS plan is $59.95 available in twenty countries with ten connections.

The plans are for 3 months and a year.

Features – Security & Privacy


The Company enciphers its user online status with a code. The encrypted code length varies from a minimum of 1024 bits to 2048 bits.


Everybody wants to enjoy a free network. When we find one, we tend to access the free network rather than our own which at times is a big security threat. There are hackers waiting for an opportunity at such open networks to steal data. SwitchVPN, solves this problem. As the data enciphered is highly safe and sound in the VPN, it secures the users’ data during surfing.

Firewall Bypass

The VPN can take away firewalls.

The VPN breaks the firewall if any around the surrounding. Hence, the government blocked webs become accessible. For instance, if you are a Chinese, you can very use FB with SwitchVPN and if you are a Brazilian, SKYPE is no more out of reach! This is not only with the government blocked sites, but also with the Internet Service Providers.

History of usage

The company does not hold any user information for a long time. The basic information of the users like time of access, date, BW, etc are tracked and removed after a certain period of time. They are never left open to 3rd party access.

Enciphered data protection

The data is highly enciphered. Users, secretive important data like BANK details, PAYPAL passwords, other account passwords are well protected from the hackers. SwitchVPN allows its user to safely access all their accounts even if wi – fi connected is an not secured.  It also makes the usage of the torrent, email, and other downloads easy for the users. The OTPs and secret pins of the ATM card are highly encrypted and so the users can do shopping anywhere and with any network!


SwitchVPN is good for an individual user and also for a business person. With its enciphered protection, it becomes world’s one of the best surfer. The only drawback of the network is that it limits access of point to point sharing. But, it becomes nothing when we look at the enciphered data and protection it offers.

You can start using the network from here. Link


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