Placing advertisements can be annoying to quite a few browsers. If you are one such blogger who wants to become a professional blogger rather than simply earning money, you are  the right place. Here in this article, I give you some of the working methods used by professional bloggers to earn money without placing ads.

You are right, though ads fetch a huge sum of money, ads are not always the best option to earn money online. Let us discuss why ads aren’t the best and what are the alternative ways of making money online.

Why aren’t ads the best option?

There are different options one can think about when they are to monetize their blog. Like you know, Google Adsense is one of the most popular ways of all. There are also affiliate ads and private ad sales, where one can set their prices for the adds and can directly sell their space to the advertisers.There are also click ads where you get paid for the number of clicks made by the visitors on the site. Here is a detailed blog about ads and how to earn money from ads.

However, when you rely on ads for monetizing your website, there are issues of relying on third parties. If the ads posted by the third parties are related to the niche on the page, it looks good and the visitors are pleased. But that doesn’t happen all the time. Such ads can be a great deterrent to the readers. Say, if you are a doctor giving health advisers to the visitors, readers get frowned on when there are ads popping up about other sales or marketing. This damages your reputation and degrades your credibility.

Here are the keys

  1. Use your Blog to sell Services 

If you like writing, grab clients through your blog. You have a withstanding proof of your writing right in place. And hence work through such sources fetch you more money rather than using

If you like writing, grab clients through your blog. You have a withstanding proof of your writing right in place. And hence work through such sources fetch you more money rather than using Odesk, Upwork or elance. Here you can directly deal with the clients nad hence the brokerage is cut down. This also brings in lots of IT works. As today, IT managers are hunting for Freelancers rather than hiring a full-time writer as the former is less expensive.

This can be done for any kind of services starting from a freelance designer to running a web hosting company.

2. Native Advertising. 

Native advertising is blending the marketing message of your advertiser in a way that looks editorial, neither like promoting nor like advertising an ad. This is simply called Native Advertising. There has been a huge debate on native advertising if it is ethical or not? Upworthy for instance, is a good say for native advertising.

Besides all that, the best part of native advertising is that you make huge money with it!

Here is an awesome video of John Oliver on Native Advertising


3. Sponsored reviews

 Sponsored review is quite a popular term and is also commonly ignored. In spite knowing what it is people tend to ignore the paid reviews. But in reality, paid reviews do fetch in a lot of money. If you own a blog and you write about blogging and tips to improve your blogging skills to get more money, people approach you to review their product on your blog. Never ignore such opportunities as it is a good start for a huge money. As it completely under your control on what to review and how should the review look like, it definitely will improve your credibility among your visitors!

This can be done in the following ways

  1. Link Back

If you have a good page traffic, people automatically contact you to do a good review about their product and include a link back to their site of promotion. Since your traffic is good and you have the blog on the same niche, every visitor to their blog counts a lot!

2. Traffic

The sponsors approaching you are mainly due to your high traffic. They can make easy sales by directing your traffic to their space. If you are bringing in lot of traffic from google, this can be highly helpful

3. Brand Awareness

Suppose, you create a new product, and people are not well aware of its existence. The best way to gain popu;arity is to get cheap paid reviews and post it on the popular sites. This is like placing a banner on a highly populated area or on a heavy traffic road.

All they want is to let the traffic well aware of their existence!!

4. Consulting

Start your own consulting programs. To put it in simple words, if you are working in a law firm, start offering free legal advice. This is a very good start to attract more traffic. Or if you are into engineering start giving ideas and guides for the engineering projects.

Self-experience is the best thing and based on your field of niche you can always start your own consulting firm.

5. Sell e – books

There are a lot of authors out there seeking a platform to sell their e – books online. Make a deal with such authors that you give them space to publish their books on your sites on the grounds of a percentage share of the profit they make by selling their copies. By this, you get to control the type of books being published on your sites.

6. Offer e – courses and webinars

Create courses of your domain and upload soft copies of the books and study materials and make the readers pay for the content. This is meant only for high con tentorial of course. Try it only if you know your target market very well!

7. Tie yourself to another blog

When you create a blog, it need not be a blog to provide information and knowledge. It can also be a place to provide links to places where the information can be obtained. For example, earns its income through directory submissions.


There are umpteen number of ways other than monetizing your blog. The above suggestions are for general purpose. However, your efforts count a lot in bringing in money from your blog.


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