With so many online data storage providers, it is really hard to select the suitable required product for your usage.

Working of all the storage providers is the same. Their application sits on the computer and storage remains with the service provider like the following.

One drive (old name : Skydrive)

  • It was developed by Microsoft.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 versions have One Drive built in their OS. It shows up in the file explorer next to the files of the hard drive.
  • You can also download it as a desktop application.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Xbox apps
  • Best feature : Organises files according to its type
  • Best suited for : Windows PC and phones
  • STORAGE CAPACITY : 15GB (free)


It is the favourite of the digital storage world today! Because of its ease of use.

  • Just drag and drop the files to copy.
  • There is no size limit to the files upload.
  • Drawback – Larger files take hours to upload
  • Storage Capacity : 2GB. Increases when you add sharers. Every sharer add gives you 5GB.
  • Works almost on any software.
  • Best suited for : simple sharing when different kinds of devices are used.
  • Get drop box here..Link

Google drive – A common office tool

  • Drive is built in Google’s OS Chrome.
  • Best suited for : Chrome users
  • STORAGE CAPACITY : 15GB (free)
  • Desktop application is available for Mac and PC. Organize your files in the system, they get synched automatically.
  • You have google account? You can already access GoogleDrive.
  • Best feature : It has a built in office. Word and excel operations become easier.
  • Get Google drive here Link


  • It is simple. Just sign up for free and starting using box!
  • Allows to connect other apps like NetSuite and Salesforece.
  • Best Suited for : Secure file sharing, Business users seeking for tools for collaboration; Large companies, team of employees working on a project.
  • Best feature : Privacy

IT gives a lot of control over privacy of the uploaded documents. For example, you can decide, who can or cannot view a particular file in the cloud. The files can also be made password – protected

  • Not suited for individual users
  • Box allows to share files, leave comments on someone’s submitted document, get notifications.
  • App helps in automatic syncing of files.
  • Quite expensive – $6/month/user and also for business users $17/month/user More details can be read on Link


  • Storage capacity : 15 GB (free)
  • Interesting feature : Splitting storage

Storage can be split among the users. For example, the plan bought is for 20 GB. You can change the settings to create folders of size 5GB each to be equally shared among four.

  • Paid plans are inexpensive
  • File sharing is simple, fast. Faster than dropbox!
  • Almost works with any OS.
  • Get copy here Link

Spider oak

  • Interesting feature : Zero – Knowledge privacy.

The data is readable only to the up – loader. The employees and the other users cannot access the file.

  • Storage capacity : 2 GB (free)
  • Drawback : Keeps notifying when you remain logged in. This is enable mainly for security purposes.
  • Best suited for high security applications
  • Click here to start using it Link

Amazon cloud drive

  • Desktop app is available for the storage drive. Once downloaded, it is much similar to drop box. It gets saved as a folder.
  • Storage capacity : 5GB (free)
  • Best suited for Videos and photo storages.
  • To download Amazon Cloud drive, follow the link
  • Drawback : the pdf, word, XLS files added from the PC get synced with the server storage but doesn’t appear on the smartphones


  • Interesting feature : Security

The cloud encrypts file right on the PC rather than sending to the server. This speeds up the data synching. IT uses 256 – bit AES and 448 – bit Blowfish key. The security depends on the version used.

  • Compatible with all the OS.
  • Allows 30 – day trial usage.
  • Storage capacity : 2GB (free).

It can be increased by usual storage referral system like drop box.

  • Best suited for Bulk data sharing ; Not good for storage dump.
  • Get Mozy in Link

Apple iCloud

  • Special Features : Bookmarks

It allows to sync with other devices easily. From one device the open web pages of the other iDevices can be accessed.

  • With the additional applications Pages, Keynotes, and Numbers the cloud gives a very good interface between the iDevices.
  • Storage Capacity : 5GB (free)
  • Best suited for Apple users. Apple users can enjoy all the benefits of Apple iCloud by paying just 75 paise per month.
  • Get iCloud here Link


  • It’s been into existence for more than 10 years.
  • Storage capacity : 10 GB (free)

Storage capacity increases with the increase in referrals.

  • File sizes re limited to 200 MB.
  • Best suited for Media files like mp3, mp4, avi, etc.
  • Start using it here Link


  • Best feature : Back up

Knowhow is best in automatically backing up the hard drive of the PC in the defined intervals.

  • Brief case – This is the name given to its other feature. Just drop in and out, the folders and files according to your wish from any PC just like drop box. Create an id and login.
  • Uses TLs for data encryption
  • Download Knowhow from here Link


  • Such a high security os best suited for storing pictures.
  • The files can be shared with a maximum of 10 people. Rest has to be paid.
  • Used just like drop box. Logging in automatically syncs the added folders to the server.
  • Get it here Link


  • Storage capacity : 50 GB (free)
  • Capacity increases with the number of participants.
  • Best suited for online storage solutions.
  • Data is not brought to the system. Stays online with the server.
  • Link


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