Welcome to Snydle.com. You are welcome to join at our team. However please note the following. This post is just for your gudance. You can delete this post or non publish it after reading.

1. We will delete the Spam sites or SEO blogs just for link building within 24 hours of first post
2. Please visit our Write for us to know our requirements
3.Spam Posts or spam blogs just for link value will be deleted immediately after the first post. So Do not waste your Time.
4. you do not post your first article within 24 hours after registering the site, we will delete the site. You can re register again when your article is ready
5.This template contains no-index tag.so the search engines will not index this pages until we change the template. Please contact us after publishing 3 articles. If the article is as per our requirement we will change the template.

Please see some example articles below


Payment terms

Snydle is happy to share revenue with you for life time. Please see the write for us for terms

Article writing tips

  1. All posts should contain 1200 to 1500 plus words. It should contain images and links to reference sites
  2. All article should have at-least 2 or three images. well placed. The image must be from public domains. If you are using any image from the other domain please add proper link back, permission and credit to them. The copyright issue is the last thing I want to involve.
  3. All articles should have at least 2 or 3 links to reference websites to add the value of the article. You can have as many as out going links as you wish as long as it is for reference or image credit.

How to select titles and subject

  1. Use Google Keyword tool.(https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool) and on left you can see one exact button tick that,check relevance result and give your subject (like bedroom design) and press search
  2. It will give you lot of related keywords with search volume. From there you can select one keyword with good volume and write about it.
  3. example :Girls Bedroom Design)
  4. Subtitles: Give your main keyword to google keyword tool and it will give you lot or related keywords. use that as subtitles
  5. example: Teenage Girls Bedroom Design)

Now you can visit snydle.com and create a website. Make it neutral word so that you can write about anything. (it may give some error. Do not worry the site is getting created.) You can visit it by typing the url (yoursite.snydle.com)

Please note your post should be good and well presented with image alignment.

Please write in interesting way Like

Hi it is new year. I love New year and I want to celebrate. What about you.Normally I love to travel on new year. Here is some destinations I found in Pakistan which will make your new year some thing great.

My emailid is prasad9292-at-yahoo.com


Anne Walker

A 26-year-old freelance blogger / writer / graphic designer / trying-really-hard-cook, who loves to travel and meet new people.

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